We Have Answers

Who Are you people?

A multispecialty group of doctors dedicated to improving rural healthcare.

What equipment is needed?

We can often work with the computer or telemedicine equipment you already have, but will supply a complete system if needed.

What is not needed?

Expensive equipment or closed systems. Please contact us before you invest in a bank-breaking system, or a “robot” you don’t need. Their high prices imply value, but their actual performance is not superior. 

we already invested in proprietary telemedicine technology. Can we use That instead?

So long as it does not require a major hardware or software investment on our end, yes we can. Our primary emphasis is flexibility. Our secondary emphasis is keeping costs down so our service is affordable.


For inpatient care, yes. For outpatient care, we have our own EMR, but share information with you freely to support good communication between providers.

Can you use our electronic medical record (EMR)?

what about procedures?

Until we have real robots available to do them, we still need local help.

Can you help with in-person staffing?

Sometimes. Contact us for details.